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Friday, January 15, 2010

You Know What I Need? A VGNO!!!


Wow, its been a long time since I joined in Ann's Virtual Girls Night Out, and BOY do I need one tonight!! So hello to everyone I may not have seen in a while and hello to all the new people I haven't met before =)

This week has been horrible concerning the earthquake in Haiti. It tears my heart out. Please check out my previous post to learn a little about the missionaries I support there and to learn about my own experience there.

Ok, now on to Ann's Party! I won't be having anything to drink that has alcohol in it because I am expecting our 2nd baby, due in July. So pass the OJ please! Or maybe I will indulge in a little bubbly - Peach Soda (y'all probably think that sounds gross, but I just LOVE it!!)

Alright, how about a party game....
We are playing "I Would Like To Thank"......well, in light of all that is happening in Haiti,

1.) I Would Like To Thank - the people that have donated to Amy & Doug's mission in Haiti
2.) I Would Like To Thank - my husband for being SUCH a hard worker, he has been going in to work at 5:30am and not coming home until after 7 a lot of nights, plus working Sat & Sun for 5-8 hours for the last 2+ months now.....
3.) I Would Like To Thank - God for taking care of my family and providing us with all that we have, most of it things we really don't need but are "creature comforts" I feel so unworthy knowing what they are going through in Haiti. As if it wasn't bad BEFORE the earthquake, because it was, but now its just plain devastation.

Well, that's it for now, I will be making the rounds a bit later tonight. Happy VGNO and have a lovely weekend!


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

We truly are blessed here... The devastation in Haiti in truly overwhelming.

Enjoy your peach soda. I like Pellegrino with a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice. My family turns their nose up at it, but it's my favorite drink.

Thanks for following me on Twitter. I'm doing the same for you!

Happy VGNO, enjoy your weekend.

Ann said...

Oh Ali, I'm here! I'm here! I've been such a bad commenter. (I just discovered that why the blogoshere has a "Delurking Day". Geez. It's hard to keep up.)

You're expecting. I'm so happy for you! And if your new little person arrives around July 11th I think that's a great thing - that just happens to be my birthday ;->. All July babies that I know are pretty darn good people.

Happy VGNO!!!

JulieChats said...

Oh yes, July babies are great! :) I'd love you to have your baby on my bday, but I wouldn't want you to have to wait until the 29th... :) Good Luck!

Just stopping by late from VGNO to say HI! :)

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