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Friday, May 11, 2012

So Long Bo

I have some sad news. Our red merle Aussie, Bo, passed away unexpectedly last Saturday, May 5th. I feel bad that I have waited this long to post about him!

Jim was so upset, he had really bonded with him after Duke died almost 3 years ago. I have really been slacking on photo taking lately so I don't even have any recent photos of him. =(

He was a really good farm dog. He kept the racoons and other critters out of the barn and was a good watch dog. He was also really, REALLY fast and loved chasing his buoy toy (we had an old boat that we sold and it got left behind so it became a dog toy). He LOVED to climb and he would climb up the straw and hay bales in the barn, all the way up to the top of the stalls they are stored in (maybe someday we will have a hay loft...).

He was Jim's buddy and a good listener. He had this super intense stare and would just look at you with penetrating eyes. We are so sad to lose him and all his unique quirks. He would have been 3 in July so he was still just a baby.

We don't have any idea how he died. Jim played with him that morning, we went to run some errands for a few hours, and when we got back he had passed. So very strange.

Rest in peace silly Bo Dog, and have fun playing with Duke over the Rainbow Bridge. May we one day see you again!

Skincare Routine Update

I am such a horrible blogger lol! Ok, so my last post was about my new skincare routine using the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). Well, it was going pretty well, I loved how my skin felt. It was soft and smooth, and the refreshed feeling was awesome. But then a problem developed, which from what I have read, is quite common. I started breaking out on one side of my face. So WEIRD! I have never had bad acne, just a zit or 2 here and there. Well, this was zits all over my right jaw up to my mouth and some on my cheek. NOT COOL!! I then tried looking up other ways to clean my face (I did not try changing the type of oil I was using because I really didn't want to spend any more money).

I tried honey but it didn't really help. I used apple cider vinegar and water as a toner after washing and it sort of helped, but the zits just came right back. I found that you can use baking soda and water to wash, pretty similar to the No Poo method for your hair. You mix some baking soda with water (I think I did about 1 tsp BS in 1 cup water), scrub it on your face with a washcloth, splash the rest on your face and let it sit for 20 seconds or so then rinse. Then follow with the apple cider vinegar diluted with a little water on a cotton ball as a toner to balance your skins ph. Well, that seemed to help, but the zits remained or disappeared and came back.

Then I just stopped washing my face. I just rinse it with water in the shower. If I am wearing makeup (very rare these days) I use the baking soda wash to help get the makeup off. And guess what? My acne is pretty much gone! So I guess I was over-washing my skin. Fine with me! Hopefully this keeps up. And yeah, it has been a battle since my post in January, took me this long to (hopefully) figure it out! We will see how the next few weeks go.
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