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Friday, May 11, 2012

So Long Bo

I have some sad news. Our red merle Aussie, Bo, passed away unexpectedly last Saturday, May 5th. I feel bad that I have waited this long to post about him!

Jim was so upset, he had really bonded with him after Duke died almost 3 years ago. I have really been slacking on photo taking lately so I don't even have any recent photos of him. =(

He was a really good farm dog. He kept the racoons and other critters out of the barn and was a good watch dog. He was also really, REALLY fast and loved chasing his buoy toy (we had an old boat that we sold and it got left behind so it became a dog toy). He LOVED to climb and he would climb up the straw and hay bales in the barn, all the way up to the top of the stalls they are stored in (maybe someday we will have a hay loft...).

He was Jim's buddy and a good listener. He had this super intense stare and would just look at you with penetrating eyes. We are so sad to lose him and all his unique quirks. He would have been 3 in July so he was still just a baby.

We don't have any idea how he died. Jim played with him that morning, we went to run some errands for a few hours, and when we got back he had passed. So very strange.

Rest in peace silly Bo Dog, and have fun playing with Duke over the Rainbow Bridge. May we one day see you again!


ter@waaoms said...

That is so sad, especially that it was so sudden, unexpected and still a mystery. Would the vet be able to confirm anything?

I'm very sorry for your loss. such a beautiful dog. :(

Cousin B said...

He really did have penetrating eyes! I'm so sorry for your loss of Bo. It's hard when you don't have answers. We had our big dog for 16 years, and that was very hard when we had to say goodbye.
Our neighbor lost their dog unexpectedly like that. Turns out his stomach turned which is evidently common and can't be helped. I realize nothing makes losing him any easier, but Just food for thought....Bo was sure a cute dog.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

ah, i am so sorry. he looks so beautiful. i just lost my nugget and i know the saddness you are feeling. take care...

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