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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who me? Awww shucks

Lookie lookie! JAM gave me an award! Awww, you shouldn't have, now I am blushing ;-)
Thanks so much for the "bling" and for thinking that I am Awe-summm!

Ok, now for seven Awe-summm things about me (at least I think they are awe-summ!)
  1. I cloth diaper my son. Yep. Its really A LOT easier than most people think!
  2. I am a stay at home mom, just like my mom was =) - I think that is pretty awesome!
  3. I love to save money and hardly ever buy new stuff - I love thrift stores, flea markets & garage sales!
  4. I am a graphic designer - I love to mess around with Photoshop and Illustrator
  5. I am trying to do more bird photography - took a couple neat pics of one of my favorite birds - check them out here
  6. I can cook pretty well, not good at making up recipes yet, but I can follow them and get great results (I am ok at tweaking them sometimes)
  7. I am pretty good at drawing/painting etc. Y'all wouldn't know that though, because I haven't posted any of my artwork yet! I will soon, I promise!
Ok, there is my list, that was really hard!

I would like to pass this award on to my friend Angie, she really is the Queen of ALL things lol! Please go show her some bloggy love!

1 comment:

Paint Girl said...

Congratulations on your Awe-Summm! award! I love it!

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