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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I haven't done a Thankful Thursday post in a while, wow! Well, hopefully I will be back at it now.

I am thankful that I went to bed before 10:30 last night, first time in a loooooong time, and now I am awake and feel pretty good at 7 this morning! Wahoo!!

I am thankful that little Jimmy is still sleeping as I type this.

I am so very thankful that we sold my car Monday and Jim's 4-wheeler on Sunday. Because now we can pay off a little more of this:

That's my truck. And my sweet Duke, the day before he died. Its bittersweet really. You see, I have been having a struggle with this dumb truck because, in the first place, we should never have bought it and taken on a truck payment. WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!! Well, we weren't and that's all there is too it. But secondly, the day Duke got hit was the day I was moving Jimmy's car seat from my car to this truck. So that's why I took my eyes off of Duke for a moment, I was unbuckling the car seat from my car. And then I turn around and Duke is running away from the road and a car is slowly driving on.....and then Duke collapses...and I freak out. Sooo....I blamed it all on buying that truck. I insisted that we sell it. I pretty much didn't want anything to do with it because it was a constant reminder of why my doggie is no longer here (I am still dealing with all kinds of guilty feelings, but its getting better, finally). Well, it hasn't sold. There have been a couple people interested, but no one has come to look. With winter right around the corner, that is the best time to sell a 4-wheel drive so we'll see what happens. But I am now content to keep it if I must ;-) (oh real tough decision right? You all must think I am nuts, it is a great truck and we did get a really great deal on it). I really now really just hate the idea of having a truck payment. I mean, we were debt free except for our house!!! Dave Ramsey eat your heart out!! We already live on beans & rice, rice & beans (well, not ALL the time, I do love it though!), I never buy anything for myself unless it comes from Goodwill (clearly the truck did NOT come from there lol) So anyway....long story...but I really am thankful that I have this truck, whether we do keep it or end up selling it. Plus, it is really fun to drive ;-)

Ooh and on that note about Duke, I am so thankful for 3 little blue merle male Aussie pups that I get to choose a new one from. Yay!! AND they have some of the same bloodlines as Duke =) I will post their pics next week sometime and you can tell me which is your favorite.

Well, that's it this week, thanks for stopping by and remember to always find something to be thankful for no matter what is going on in your life!


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad you got a good night's sleep and that you sold the car!
Can't wait to see the puppies!

Randi Troxell said...

i understand your feelings of the truck.. and i don't blame you at all... also, so glad you went to bed before 10:30... i should TOTALLY try that someday.. lol

blueviolet said...

I'm all over Goodwill too. I totally understand. I can't wait to see the pups!


Ali, I am so glad you are getting a new puppy. I can't wait to pics:) Miss you. Audrey

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