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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

In following last weeks post, I am so thankful that we are going to pick out our newest k9 addition to our family on Saturday! So without further ado, here are some pics of the 3 puppies I will be choosing from.

The pups are out of 2 litters. Here is the one from the Oct. 6 litter. He is a blue merle bi (no copper/tan marks) with blue eyes. He is stunning!

These 2 pups are from the Oct. 23rd litter. There are 2 pics of each of them. They are blue merles with copper/tan marks. Not sure if they have blue eyes yet, will see on Saturday!

Blue male 1:

Blue male 2:

Well, there you have it, I wish I could have them all lol!! Which one is your favorite?

I hate having to pick, but then again, I am glad I get to! When I got Duke when he was a puppy he was the last one left so I didn't have a choice. But he was perfect! I am sure whichever one of these pups we end up with will be perfect too, they have wonderful bloodlines and are raised in a fabulous setting by a very responsible woman who knows what she is doing and has been doing it for over 30 years!

Now I want to mention - I am all about shelter dogs and rescuing pets that need homes. But I really wanted a puppy so that I can raise him and know his quirks and know how he is getting trained. He will be raised around a toddler, cats and horses (among other things) and I need to KNOW how he is going to act. I didn't want to bring in a dog from an unknown situation and have him end up turning on my child. I know that any dog could potentially do that, but it is less likely if he is raised in such a way to be used to a certain environment.

Here is an example - our border collie Cody is a craigslist "rescue." And he is a mostly outside dog because he is way too much for little Jimmy (we got him before Jimmy was born). He is very jumpy and rough and that is because he was not properly trained (and the fact that he is a high energy breed). He barely knew the sit command when we got him and he can be a bit snappy with his mouth (he has never bitten us, but he is playfully mouthy, kind of like a puppy) - not good for a toddler who likes to run up and grab whatever he wants! Cody is one of those dogs that would be labeled "not good with small children." I know there are really good dogs & puppies out there needing homes, but the search gets harder the more requirements you need the dog to meet. And the fact that these pups are related to Duke make them very special to us. If you hadn't noticed, we are quite sentimental. ;-)

I better stop now or I will keep going on and on, so thanks for stopping by & visiting the puppies and have a wonderful day!


Randi Troxell said...

all are unbelievably sweet!

but that first one just totally made my heart pitter patter!!

Kelly said...

Adorable! I don't know how you could pick just one. All three are very cute!


Ali, The are so adorable. I would not ever want to put them down. They are all so beautiful. I would have a hard time choosing. But something about that last one was precious. I think that first ones blue eyes are perfect. Wow, you have a hard choice.

I got my puter working again too. Miss you. Hope to hear from you soon. Blessings Audrey

Dusty Devoe said...

Can't help you here! I would end up with all three! They are all adorable.

blueviolet said...

They're just the most precious pups!

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