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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Initial Wreath

Well, it certainly has been a while! I have missed blogging and my blogging buddies, I hope some of you are still out there!

I decorated a grapevine wreath (that's been hanging on our door plain for a long time!) recently and wanted to share it with you all. All I did was stick some greenery from a couple of our evergreens into the wreath.  For the initial, I cut a letter out of cardboard and out of burlap using a template I made on the computer. Then I glued the burlap letter to the cardboard one to make it sturdy (I painted craft glue onto the cardboard with a paint brush to even it out so it wouldn't gush through the burlap). Once dry, I hot glued a piece of jute to the top of the letter and then tied the letter to the wreath. I made a simple bow out of strips of burlap looped and hot glued together. I added a wire to the back of the bow and tied it to the wreath. Hung the wreath on the front door and all done! Here is the finished product:

I hope everyone is well and you are getting excited for the holidays!
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