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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whoa Time, Slow Down!!

Matthew turned 3 weeks old yesterday, unbelievable! Time just needs to take a little rest. I wonder if it goes by faster with each baby you have? I know it seemed to go quickly when Jimmy was born, but this time around just seems a lot faster. Maybe since it is summer instead of winter this time, maybe that makes it go faster too...because I am not as "bored" and house-bound. I know I definitely like having a baby in the summer better than in the winter, just for my sanity & happiness sake lol. Winter just depresses me because its so cold and dreary, not as much sun, shorter days....ick. I wish I liked it more, but alas, I just....can't. I'll try again this winter though!

Anyway, Matthew is doing great, sleeping a lot and nursing very well. He had a dr. appointment today and weighed 10 lbs. There is an area of slight concern and that is he has a sacral dimple. When we go back in 2 months, we will see how it looks and decide if we should get an ultrasound done. Please pray that everything is fine and there are no issues with his spinal cord or anything else.

As for me, I am feeling tons better and I even want to be able to start working out! I am going to be a good girl though and take it easy until my 6 week follow up appointment. Three weeks left, wahoo!

That is all for now, I leave you with these pics of our little sweetie:
Just had his first bath at home

Jimmy showing Matthew how to have tummy time

Ahhh nap time!


Randi Troxell said...

oh that last pic was just so super sweet!
glad everything is going so smoothly... all your family and little mathew will certainly be in my prayers!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

He is a beautiful little boy! Praying that everything is okay.
Time really does go faster the second time around. Enjoy each day!

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Mama Hen said...

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Ali, Both of your boys are precious. They grow up so fast. Hope you are well and having a great week.

Thank You for all your prayers for Baby Boy (He failed another BPP). Hopefully this week I will have a perfect update. Blessings,

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