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Friday, July 31, 2009

Find Me Friday

Find the kitty =)

If you are new this week, all you have to do is post a photo of whatever you want (within reason of course, keep it clean people! ;-) ) and it has to have some element of "peekaboo," "hiding" or "camouflage" in it. Think of one of those hidden pictures where you have to find the hidden images. Or a green frog blending into the green leaf he is sitting on. There are tons of options! Have fun with it!

If you would like to join in, please make sure to link back to my blog and use my button if you like. If I decide your image(s) is/are inappropriate, I have the right to delete your link. Other than that, have fun and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Oh, and I plan on having weekly themes in the future, but if you don't have a photo that falls into the category, you can still participate. And I don't mind if you add this into another Friday blog carnival. As long as you remember to link to me, that is great! Ok, that's all for now, lets see those photos!

Here is a button for you to use if you would like to participate. Thanks!

<a href="http://www.theblessedcountrymom.blogspot.com"><img src="http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f208/nuttzi/findme.jpg"/></a>


Sarah J. said...

I'm playing along, but can't find a way to link! :O(

here's my link anyway!

Randi Troxell said...

ALI!!! this week is sooo cute (you know me and cats)... such a cute kitten and i love her tail hanging out!!

JAN'S PLACE said...

Haha.. I really had to look hard at that second picture! Love the kitten!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

That picture with the kitty is just to


Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Kritter Keeper said...

sweet little kitty! and the tail sticking out, so cute! did you pull it? (gently of course!)

Kelly said...

Cute pictures!!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

So seriously cute! Love it!

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