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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dry Erase Sudoku Book

Today I made a couple of dry erase Sudoku books for Christmas gifts. I recently bought a Bind-It-Allmachine and this was my first binding project. It went great! I was pretty nervous I was going to screw up my project, but after practicing a little and getting the hang of it, it went pretty quickly and was easy. Binding was easy compared to getting my printers to print the way I needed them to! But I won't get into that ;-)

I created a cover in Photoshop, laid out some printable Sudoku puzzles I found online (just do a search, there are tons!) and I made an answer key on the last couple pages. I printed everything on regular paper and laminated the pages so they would be dry-eraseable. Then I cut the pages in half since I laid out 2 pages per sheet of paper. I trimmed the extra lamination off with my awesome paper trimmerand stacked the pages in order. Then I used my handy dandy new Bind-It-Allto punch holes in the tops of the pages and then put the binding wirein. And there you have it!

Its easy to correct mistakes as you play and you can complete the puzzles again and again if you'd like. I hope their recipients like them! =)

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