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Monday, December 5, 2011

Where's the Elf - Day 5

Goodness, I keep forgetting to post! So sorry! Here is day 5's hiding place. Jimmy was VERY excited to find Christopher in the Christmas tree, he wanted to know how in the world he got there! =)

Jimmy and Matthew are so funny when they find Christopher. Jimmy usually wakes up first and he hasn't remembered to look for him on his own yet so I ask him if he has seen Christopher yet. Then he looks at the place he was the day before and gets this surprised/sly look on his face. So cute! He looks around a bit and finally finds him and yells out "I found the elf!!" in a silly little high pitched voice. I always help Matthew find him when he wakes up. We go to the place he was the day before, Matthew looks and gets a confused look on his face. Then we go to the new hiding place and I wait to see if he spots him, and when he finally sees him, he gets a huge grin on his face and points and sounds like he says "Pop" or "Poppins" SO adorable! This is such a fun tradition to do with the kids.

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