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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Help the Wild Mustangs

I just heard about this, visit the website or the blog here to read about what is happening to a band of wild mustangs in Wyoming. I heard about it in an email I received from Breyer Animal Creations. Here it is:

Dear Alison,

Despite the efforts of The Cloud Foundation and many wild horse advocates, the BLM round-up of Cloud's herd has begun in Lovell, Wyoming. Legal efforts are continuing, but have so far not stopped this action. A Temporary Restraining Order request by The Cloud Foundation and Front Range Equine Rescue was denied in Federal District Court on September 2. The BLM has commenced the round-up - expected to take 4-10 days - which is being done by driving the herd into pens via helicopters.
The Today Show's Kerry Sanders filed a report which aired on this morning's show. To watch, please click on the link below:

This sad news comes just two months before the third installation of Ginger's series is set to air on PBS. Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions, part of PBS' NATURE Series, is slated to air on October 25. By the time the show airs, at least 70 horses - possibly including Cloud and his band - will have been removed from rangelands that have supported them for more than 200 years.
We have added our voice to those who do not support this round-up. If you would like to learn more and learn how you can help, please visit: http://www.thecloudfoundation.org
Thank you.
The Breyer Web Team
Breyer Animal Creations

Apparently only certain horses were to be removed but now they are just picking 70 of them.... I am just now reading about all this so please don't quote me! I wanted to get word out as soon as I found out. And Cloud has been captured, is supposed to be released. But we want the older horses released as well. Here is a quote from the blog:

"20+ year old horses are being taken off the range at great expense to the taxpayers and more importantly these older horses now have what Congressman Grijalva calls “a death sentence” when they are torn out of their range at such an old age. It costs over $2000 to remove a horse, and no one wants to adopt an older wild horse except to save them from slaughter and an uncertain future. Let these horses live out their lives on the range. The BLM is putting horses on welfare who don’t want or require it."

If you love horses and love the beautiful wild mustangs, please check out the links and do your own research and consider doing what you can to help. Thank you!


Paint Girl said...

First I have to comment on your new header, love it! The cat looks just like my Domino (in the face), who has been missing for 5 days now.
Second, I believe that the older Mustangs, ones that aren't adoptable, should be left out in the wild. Especially if they are in their 20's! Leave them be! Thanks for bringing this up Ali!

Randi Troxell said...

i'm totally with paint girl on this... all the way...

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