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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Week Left!!

What? The baby is due in ONE WEEK?? Yikes! I went to the dr. yesterday and actually remembered to ask him if my actual due date was the 7th or 10th and he said 7th so that means one week from today we could have a new addition to our family! Wow! I can't believe it is almost time!

So the dr. appt. went pretty good, the baby's heart rate is good, my blood pressure is good, everything looks fine except for the fact that the baby is still BREECH! Argh! So if by next Wednesday the baby hasn't come, I am scheduled for an ultrasound to see how exactly the baby is laying. My doctor does do breech deliveries, he even said he liked doing them (thank goodness for 30 years experience!)! But the baby has to be frank breech (bottom first) and the shoulders have to measure small enough to fit through my pelvis (obviously!). So that will be checked at the ultrasound. Otherwise, if the baby is a different type of breech, we will schedule a version (where the doctor will try to manually turn the baby) and I will be induced if it is successful and deliver so the baby (hopefully) doesn't have time to turn back around. Last option.....c-section. Eeeeesh, scares me to death!! I have never had any type of surgery before, do NOT like needles, the idea of being cut open, etc, etc....but if that's what needs to happen, that's what will happen. I am a big girl and the baby's safety comes first!

So....I guess that is it for a baby update this week! I am feeling pretty good, sleep is a bit uncomfortable with my hips starting to hurt and it is quite difficult and a little painful to turn over in bed. And the getting up every hour or so to use the bathroom is annoying lol! But otherwise, I am still trucking along ;-)  I even took Jimmy to the library this morning to see one of the summer kids programs. He had a blast watching the magician that put on a show about undersea animals, he even had a cute dolphin puppet that squirted water! That got the kids going. Also, tonight Jim and I took Jimmy to our local dairy farm that is open to the public. They have goats to feed, all kinds of family activities like putt-putt and batting cages, kids activities, a restaurant and an ice cream shop. Jimmy had a blast and loved feeding the goats. Here is a pic of daddy showing him how to feed them.

 The next time we go we will have two little ones to tote around, it is still a bit unreal to me! Well, I better get going. I will try to give updates if anything happens! =)

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Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

How exciting! I hope the baby turns for you so you don't have to get a C-section. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to hear the news!

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