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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I haven't been around much again. I've been trying to get stuff ready for the new baby, appointments, visits with friends, etc...so here is an update!

I am 38 weeks today, I can't believe the baby is due in 2 weeks! Quick update, the last time I went to the dr. he said he thinks the baby is breech. So I freaked out a little, that really messes up my hopes for a natural birth. I have been searching all over the internet and found spinningbabies.com to be quite helpful. I think the baby may have flipped Thursday night, I was feeling hiccups really low in my abdomen whereas I had been feeling them up high. Then Friday morning I woke up and felt them high again. As of last night, I felt the hiccups low. Soooo who knows whats going on in there! I will say that I have been feeling feet up high so if the baby IS breech, it must be bottom first and not feet first. I haven't felt any strong movement down low, just little movements so hopefully its hands and the baby IS headfirst! My next dr. appt is Tuesday so I will give an update then.

In other news....

We sold my white truck. I am really gonna miss it. I grew to LOVE driving it and now I don't want to drive anything but a truck! Jim took a couple of pics of me with it. *sniff* (see this post for more on the white truck and why I didn't like it much at the beginning)

Oh yes and notice my 37 week baby belly ;-)

We went to my nephew Conner's 2nd birthday party on the same day we sold the truck, the guy that bought it actually lives in the same town as my brother, about an hour from our house, so it worked out perfectly for us to take the truck to him.

Here is my nephew blowing out his candle:

Jimmy having a blast in the bounce house at Conner's party

Someone had a bit too much fun! Fell asleep not long after we left the party, holding his party favor football =)

Jimmy got to have a friend over on Wednesday. My best friend Katie came over with her 3 year old little girl and her 6 month old son. I haven't gotten to see them for so long, it was awesome to have them visit. Jimmy had a blast with Jocelyn. We need to have friends over more often! Katie brought me 3 baby wraps, 2 that she made. They are so cute and I can't wait to use them. I LOVE to wear my babies! Now I have 2 ring slings I made, 3 pouch slings (2 I made, one Hot Sling) and 3 wraps. Woohoo!!

I got a little crafty this week and made a baby blanket for the new baby. I just LOVED the dragonfly fabric so I had to get it! It was the first time I ever made a blanket with satin binding, didn't turn out too bad and it was super easy.

Today we are going to look at twin mattress set & bed for Jimmy. Its time for him to get out of the toddler bed that will be made back into a crib for the baby. We just bought it for the new baby, but I decided to let Jimmy get used to a "big boy bed" and left it as a toddler bed for the time being. So now he will graduate to a BIG big boy bed. Hopefully he will do fine in a twin bed. We are going to leave the mattress on the floor until he gets used to being a little higher off the ground.

Well, that's pretty much it besides the general yard work, flower planting and mulching. Not too much exciting going on, but I've been busy. Oh, Jim is almost done with the fence across the front yard, it looks great. We will finally be able to let the dogs run around without worrying about them getting hit by a car like Duke =(
I will post pics of it soon! I hope everyone has a fabulous week and I will try to keep y'all posted on the new baby's progress =)


Jaimi_C said...

Lookin good! Hopefully the baby makes that final flip so you can have a natural birth.

Bummer that you got rid of your truck. I drive a suburban and even though I'm not crazy about it, its what I'm comfortable in.

Lovin the blanket!! The dragonfly print its super cute! I'm not brave enough to try working with satin so pat on the back to you.

Randi Troxell said...

my goodness!
i do believe you might be pregnant! lol!!!! you still look great though!

Kelly said...

Only two weeks left!?! Time flies!

I love the dragonfly blanket! I think it looks great.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I've been wondering how you were doing! I hope the baby flipped for you. Can't wait to hear another update!


Ali, Wow you are so close. Hope the baby turns for you before the birth.

I love the blanket, I have made my children blankets but never with the satin on it. Was it hard to work with?

The gift bags... I take all the gift bags to the hospital with me. That way when all my children come to visit me and see the new baby their bags are there waiting for them. It's nice to see them open their bags. It is really great for the younger ones who are easily bored. They have puzzles, crayons, coloring books etc. to keep them occupied. What goodies did Jimmy get?

I'll be glad when next week gets here for my recheck. Blessings, Audrey

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