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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for winning these cloth diapers and diaper cover from Abby's Lane:

Last week I was the lucky winner of 1 dozen Indian Unbleached Prefolds and 1 Thirsties cover from one of my favorite online shops, Abby's Lane. I gotta say, I love them! Some of you know that I have been using bumGenius 3.0's for the most part and I LOVE them, but I do use some storebought cotton prefolds and Bummis covers occasionally. So when I heard about this giveaway at Abby's Lane, where you got to choose from 5 different prizes: bumGenius 3.0's, bumGenius organic one-sizes, Disana wool covers (would like to try these too!), Swaddlebees Econappis, or the dozen prefolds and a cover, I chose the prefolds and cover since I have a ton of bumGenius diapers and an Econappi already (I actually wanted to try for the wool covers, but I figured more people would be entering that one and I have never tried wool so don't have any lanolin or wool wash or anything yet...).

I knew the Indian prefolds were way better than the "other" ones you can get at Target and Babies R Us, but man do I just LOVE them so much more than I thought I would. They are just so soft and absorbent and the fact that they are cotton is great. I have been wanting to get more natural diapers in my stash so this really helped boost it.

On the natural diaper topic, I have also been adding some bamboo diapers to my mix. I have 3 of the bumGenius bamboo fitteds and one Bamboozle fitted by Bummis. They feel fantastic! They are so soft and luxuriant! Bamboo is a great renewable resource and it is antibacterial which means it helps fight bacterial growth in cloth diapers. Definitely a plus!

bumGenius bamboo fitted

Bamboozle fitted

Some random diapers from my stash. Yellow is a bumGenius 3.0 (unstuffed), next are 2 Wonderoos, then a blue bumGenius 3.0, and the bottom 2 (camo and a cow print) are Blueberry Minky One Sizes.

Please go check out Abby's Lane, they carry all kinds of cloth diapers & accesories, BabyLegs, Pedipeds baby shoes, baby carriers, Melissa & Doug toys, and so much more! They are wonderful and have fast & free shipping. Plus if you join their Yahoo group, you will get a great weekly newsletter with a 5% off discount code. =)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Thursday. Its almost the weekend, yay!


Randi Troxell said...

congrats on that win! winning is fun! thnx for visiting me and my blog... hope you dont mind another follower!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! How appropriate with Earth Day yesterday!

Anne Marie said...

Well Hey! I haven't met you yet - and I surely don't know why??
I know you gotta be a Na-Da Farm Chick though!!
go here:

see you soon I hope!
from one Christian farm girl to another :)

Kritter Keeper said...

i am so glad mom's are using cloth diapers again. my mom used them and said it wasn't that bad to clean them..way to go!

JAN'S PLACE said...

Yeah for you!!! It is always fun to win something, especially something you need and would like,that is a double Yeah!!

Looks like your set up for a while!

Happy Thursday..almost Friday..

Jan :)

pam said...

That is great, I am glad you are enjoying your prize.

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