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Monday, April 6, 2009

What happened to the nice weather??

BLEH! Snow, I woke up to SNOW falling. Not cool. I know we were warned about it, but still. Yesterday it was WARM and NICE and today I wake up to SNOW. YUCK! So....here are some pics from nicer weather to make me feel better =)


JAN'S PLACE said...

My goodness, has someone not told your confused weather department this is SPRING???? No snow!

Hope that was the last of it.. oh, by the way.. the pix are way to cute!


~*Jessica*~ said...

Those pics are cute!! lil jimmy looks like such a little man now!!

Sarah J. said...

He is soo cute! Love that last picture!

Anne Marie said...


Just saw you were reading a book on how to sign with your baby- we do that and it takes A LOT of headaches away!

very cool

you seem like a pretty "hip" Chick!
You'd make a great Na-Da Farm Chick.....;)

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