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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Grandparents

I am Thankful for my grandparents. My paternal grandparents came over to visit today, and I talked to my Oma (my mom's mom, she is full German) for a long time tonight, so I thought I would post about them.

I am so thankful for my grandparents. They are so wise and I am so glad that they are still around for me to talk to and spend time with. They are a wealth of knowledge and it is wonderful to be able to hear about the "good ole days." I am a very old fashioned girl in many senses, and I definitely have an old fashioned mindset when it comes to many life issues. And to be able to talk to someone who has lived frugally, through "the war" and share the same viewpoints is just awesome to me! I love my grandparents so very much and I hope they will be around for many years to come.

Grammy and Oma have been so wonderful to me since my mom passed away, it really is kind of like having a real mom a lot of the time. Especially with Oma, since she is my mom's mother, I really feel that connection there. My Opa (mom's dad) passed away the Thanksgiving before my mom, so Oma is alone most of the time. I try to take Jimmy over to visit a lot, we will try even harder this spring and summer. Oma has so many wonderful stories about being a young "war bride", moving to the states from Germany, raising 4 babies, gardening, learning to cook and SO much more....I just love her to pieces! I always learn something new from her. We can talk for hours too, tonight we talked for over an hour on the phone, just about flowers and gardening and a German book she is reading (its in German and I only took 2 years of it in Jr High, so I can't read it, poo!), and about my uncles and her cat and Jimmy and all kinds of things, things that I imagine I would talk to my mom about. It was so nice.

And Grammy, she always surprises me with stories of raising my dad, her oldest of 4 and starting their family in their little bitty house and moving throughout the years. I was over at her and Grampa's house a few weeks ago, looking at a photo album of when my dad was little, and there was a pic of a desk she had decorated to look like a fireplace for Christmas so they had somewhere to hang their stockings! I had no idea she was so creative! She also helped my make a bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding a few summers ago, it turned out gorgeous! It was the first dress I made actually following a pattern! Before that, I had just used an old "slinky" dress to base my prom dresses, etc. off of.

Grampa, he is so funny! He has always been a big tease. He loves their little Bichon Frise, Breezy, to pieces, it is so cute! She is totally spoiled. When they were here today, he had a Reese Cup and she just sat there looking at him, begging with her eyes and he talked to her and she just knew exactly what he was saying (I think she got a little of the peanut butter lol). They are so adorable how they communicate! She just turns her head and yips, "talking back" sometimes. Anyways....

I could go on and on, but I would be here forever. Thanks for stopping by and as always, if you have something YOU are Thankful for, please link up!

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Dusty Devoe said...

Yes, grandparents are wonderful! I lost my grandmother 2 years ago and miss her terribly! I am lucky to still have my parents.

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