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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tot School - Letter "C"

Tot School 

Jimmy is 26 months old

I am super late getting this posted!! We had an appraisal done today so I have been cleaning the house like crazy! We are trying to get refinanced...so anyway...we didn't do as much as I had wanted last week, but here are some highlights of what we DID get accomplished.

Letter "C" Crab from Totally Tots, a really cute craft! Jimmy loves his little crab. We have kind of had a thing for red crabs since he was a baby and his favorite button on his LeapFrog mirror was the "red crab."

We reviewed the letter C on Starfall.com. Jimmy got to play with the barn Cats a lot, he really enjoyed that. =)

 We Colored Easter eggs with some friends. THAT was fun, the kids just went crazy and were dunking the eggs in dye left and right. My awesome friend Katie is cool like that. She just put down some plastic and the kids went to town. I was the "protective" mom, trying to keep Jimmy from making TOO big of a mess....I guess I am kind of a neat freak, though you wouldn't really know it from seeing my house!

 (gee, I wonder who's child put all those eggs into one cup? Not Jimmy, never MY child! lol)

We also colored eggs at home, just mommy, daddy and Jimmy. Yes, mommy took over and didn't let Jimmy get too messy like with his friends! But I didn't have any plastic to put down (wait, I think I do have a drop cloth, doh!) ah well. But he did get to help and then put stickers on the eggs when they were dry! We had fun.

This isn't really anything letter "C" related, but Jimmy got to play with play dough for the first time this week. He really enjoyed it. Again, I was trying to keep everything neat and tidy (I know, I have a TODDLER, good luck to me right?? lol) and I tried to show him how NOT to mix the colors, we didn't want brown play dough! He actually did pretty well. And he only tried to eat it once I think... ;-)

 Well, that's about it. I finally got new ink for my printer so hopefully I can get some fun activities that I have been seeing printed out for Jimmy. I know he will love doing them! See you next week (in just a couple days I guess!).

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1 comment:

Randi Troxell said...

still to this day i love coloring eggs.. and yes! i so did for easter!

have a wonderful wkend!

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