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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh Sqeezed OJ

Yesterday I was doing the dishes and I had my utensil drawer open so Jimmy would be occupied. He was having a ball playing with the measuring cups and spoons and a spatula when he found this strange orange object:

What is that?? It took me a minute to remember (most everything I own used to be my mom's and she had a lot of neat little gadgets). It's a little juicer! I think it is called a squeeze juicer or juicing trumpet. You stick the longer end into an orange and squeeze the orange over a glass and juice comes out the short end and it filters the seeds. It was pretty fun. Jimmy was entertained for a minute. ;-) It worked great on my oranges that got kinda shriveled because I kinda forgot about them.... I was going to put them in my compost or cut them in half and put them out for the birds, but this was much better! And I was surprised by how much juice I got, about half a glass from 3 oranges. Guess there was more life left in them than I thought! I added enough water to fill the glass and stuck it in the fridge to get cold (gotta have cold OJ! and I didn't have any ice) and it was delicious!

Now where do you buy such a little gadget? I found a couple places online selling it as a plastic "squeeze juicer", it costs less than a dollar, or you might try a store like Bed Bath & Beyond. There is a fancier stainless steel version out there called a Trumpet Citrus Juicer (try Googling it, or use Swagbucks), but I think mine must have come from one of those home cooking utensil parties, probably was a prize for a game.

This is what Works for Me for simple juicing (and it is super easy to clean!).
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Elizabeth Symington said...

very cool. I'd never heard of one before. I do it the old fashioned way, with the other kind of juicer. But yours looks like more fun.

angelina said...

Hey! I have on eof these too! We keep it in our camp box. Its a fun gadget to have when camping and hiking....glad you like it!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Alli, thank you for stopping by & for following my blog! It's so nice to meet you & I look forward to seeing you around more & getting to know you too.

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