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Friday, March 13, 2009

Get Your Shamrocks Out Girls, its VGNO with an Irish Twist!


It's VGNO! Time to hang out in our PJ's and blog-hop! Head over to Ann's to join in the fun! And then head over to JAM's for even more fun, its an all around good time! =)

Yay! Happy early St. Patrick's Day! This is my favorite VGNO yet, I love all things Irish, Celtic, etc. I was even married on St. Patrick's Day 2 years ago. Here is a pic of my engagement ring:

Ok, enough about my wedding, more about that will come on Tuesday!
Now on to the party!

Here is the game Ann has posted on her blog this week:

The Shamrock 3

Name 3 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
1.) Scotland
2.) Ireland
3.) Somewhere warm and sunny!

Name 3 Things You Will NEVER Drink Again:
1.) Bailey's Irish Cream
2.) Buttermilk
3.) Tomato Juice

3 People You Would Like To Pinch (for not wearing green of course!):
1.) Johnny Depp
2.) Gerard Butler
3.) John Stamos

Now, delete my answers and post it on your blog so I can see what YOUR Shamrock 3 are =)

Also, head on over to JAM's and pick out your ideal view from your front window. Mine is #4, I live on a farm setting, but the pic of #4 (below) is so much more beautiful! I wish our place looked like that! But thats ok, I love my place too =)

Here I am at Ann's. Kinda got caught by surprise, ya know, just hanging out with the girls...virtually...no makeup required... lol!


JulieChats said...

Love the picture! I'm at VGNO in my bed right now & it's only 5pm here! :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Yep, that's the beauty of the virtual world. No one ever needs to know what we are really looking like at the party. Unless....

We post a picture! Hahaha! Love it Country Mom! Although I have to tell you, you're darling even without the makeup!

Happy VGNO!

~*Jessica*~ said...

I love your ring, and that pic of you at the computer. Very cute!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

PS.... gorgeous ring!

pam said...

I love your pic at the computer!! I am looking forward to hear all about your wedding on Tues:)

Robin said...

What a gorgeous engagement ring! And happy almost anniversary! :)
Oh, and happy GNO! I am with you on Scotland, Ireland and Johnny Depp! (And tomato juice made my list too! yuk!)

Anonymous said...


No George Clooney?!

flavoredmom said...

hey, we're wearing the same outfit. happy vgno! -Ivette

Shannah said...

Lovely engagement ring and lovely farm. Happy VGNO!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

LOVE the ring! And LOVE your picture! You look like you're treating yourself to your own little spa party at the VGNO - maybe we should all do that (and post pics) next week! ;) LOL!!

Happy VGNO! :)

Upstatemomof3 said...

Love the pic!!!!! And I will not drink Bailey's either. My mom loves it though. Go figure.

Kitten said...

That's a cool engagement ring!

I'm the opposite of you...I adore Bailey's! Especially with coffee...yummmmmmmmm!!

Opus #6 said...

I love your ring. And that self portrait. Classic! lol Happy VGNO

Shop with Me Mama said...

Haha! Love the pic!! Have a great night!

Amy said...

What a great picture. I love it. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great night.

Martha said...

Great picture... would you like a 12 year old? My daughter told me tonight she wanted to live in a house with lots of property so she could have a horse (she does ride, but not right now) and all the dogs and cats she wants! Oh, and she would love to not be an only child too!

~Sandy~ said...

Great picture! I must have missed the facials at your party :O) Love your ring....Happy Anniversary too! Thanks for stopping my party and Happy VGNO!!!!

rightonmom said...

Hello from VGNO! Is that a clannaugh ring? OR did I just completely botch that up? I'm not Irish per se, but two friends and I bought ours and had them christened in holy water when we were in high school. Good times.

I love your blog name. Be blessed!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Ali, hope you get some yardsales soon too! They get me all in a flutter every spring. So much fun to see what's out there.

Undeserving said...

Hi Ali,
Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I'm so glad the post was meaningful to you... your comment was certainly meaningful (and encouraging that I'm not alone!) to me! I saw in your profile that you're from Ohio... there is no better state on earth. :-) I was born and raised just outside Columbus and love coming back to the Buckeye state to visit with my family.

Gena said...

Nice blog. I've never seen that kind of ring!

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