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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little bit of this and that....

Wow. it's just been one of those days, I haven't been online hardly at all today (which really is good, I got things done around the house!) and I was gone all day yesterday and didn't get to post what I wanted to for St. Patrick's Day....oh well, next year! So I didn't do Works for Me Wednesday today, I was going to do Wordless Wednesday, but never got around to it.....so now I am just blabbering =)

Yesterday Jimmy and I went to tea with my grammy & my aunt who was in town visiting my grandparents. Besides being wonderful to visit, it was so nice to get out of the house! Here is a pic of Jimmy with his Great-Grammy and Great Aunt:

Spring really is in the air the last couple days. Here is a major sign of it coming around here:
Jimmy had a blast watching the tractors disc the field across the street, he kept giggling and pointing and "talking" about them.

Here is another sign of spring:
Yay! I got to hang the diapers out to dry, but it was super windy! At least they dried pretty quickly!

This is what Duke thought of the wind:

I have been cleaning house because my sister and her family are coming to stay with us for a few days while they are in town for a wedding. I have also been making some tie-up shades, one more to go for the kitchen! I will have to post some pics. Well, that is about it for now. Oh, and before I forget, THANK YOU all so much for your great comments and congrats on our anniversary, it really means a lot! So I leave you with this photo of my little family on our Anni-St. Patrick's Day, have a great night!


Yaya said...

Cute pics!

pam said...

Duke looks like he is blowing away. Great family pic:)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

You've been busy! Love the picture of the diapers on the clothes line.

Sweet family pic too!

~*Jessica*~ said...

You guys look so cute in your family pic

Debbie said...

Very nice photos!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Love the pictures! The one of the diapers on the line is awesome! You have a beautiful family! :)

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