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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jimmy's First Haircut

Well, I did it. I finally cut little Jimmy's hair. And he was such a good boy! He just sat there in his chair watching his movie while I snipped away. Now he no longer has his onthevergeofamullet 'do, its just a cute little boy cut. Here are a few pics (the before pic is a little older, forgot to take one tonight!).




frugalmegan said...

AwwWWWWwwww! Isn't doing that yourself the BEST? I cut Mitch's hair today too...once every 2 weeks, we save $15! gotta love it

pam said...

What a good little guy, sitting still for his haircut. Very cute.

Sarah J. said...

He is so cute! I like the haircut. I don't think Ava will need a haircut until she's like 3..lol.

Katie Wean said...

Good job! He looks very cute. I had to cut Jocelyn'sonthevergeofarattail when she was about that age ;0) I have to agree with your sister, I love saving money with DIY haircuts! I cut Dave's and my own hair and I will cut Jocelyn's when she has enough hair.

Gena said...

Wow, he's a doll. They grown up so fast, though!

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