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Friday, January 16, 2009

Angel Food Ministries

Are you having trouble affording groceries? How would you like to get about $65 worth for $30? Then head on over to Angel Food Ministries and find a host site near you today! Anyone can purchase as many $30 boxes as they need, no forms to fill out or anything. You just have to place an order with your local host site. One $30 box of food will feed a family of four for about one week. The menu changes monthly and the food is all fresh, frozen and packaged. They accept cash, check, or food stamps. So check it out today!

Note: I have not personally tried this yet, but I am so glad to know about it in case the need arises! We have a location near us so I especially wanted to let my friends nearby know about it. I found out about it from Everyday Cheapskate. Click the link to sign up for the newsletter!

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