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Thursday, January 8, 2009


I sit here crying once again for the mothers who have lost their babies. I have been following Heather of Mom4Life's story since about May of last year. Her third child was stillborn. She is now 14 weeks pregnant! Tonight I found another blog - audreycaroline. blogspot. com - about a mother losing her baby, this one born alive but dying shortly after. This family was prepared for her passing as they knew she was sick, but that doesn't really make it any easier. I know there are many others out there, but I just can't help to wonder why this happens. I just feel so undeserving of my son right now. Not that I have done anything to not deserve him, but that's just it. No one did anything to deserve or not deserve what happened to their little ones. I know Jesus is holding those sweet babies in His arms right now. I know that God is the Giver of Life and only He knows the answers to the question "why." But why?? We must trust that He knows best.

I pray that if anything like this ever happens to me, that God will give me the strength to carry on. These 2 women I have mentioned (and they are not alone!) are such strong Christians. I am truly in awe of God's presence and power in their lives. They have been so graceful through all they have gone through. I too have had a loss in my life, I lost my mom back in 2006. But that is another story for another time.... I miss her tremendously, but I think it is just so much different than losing a CHILD. I just can't imagine. Heather and Angie - and all the mothers who have lost a baby or child - you are the strongest women out there in my book! May God bless your lives and watch over you and your families. Now, I am off to bed...

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Sarah J. said...

Angie is an incredible women. I started following her blog when I was pregnant with Ava but somehow lost track of the URL and recently found it again. Chris and I were talking about this tonight..I simply can't imagine having the strength she does or so many other women who have lost babies have. It makes me want to wake my girls up and never let them go.

on a lighter note..the mom4life site has some pretty cool stuff on it.

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