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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Last Supper.....of Not So Healthy Food!

I am officially starting my new "healthy" eating plan tomorrow. But before that could happen, I HAD to have just one last less-than-ideal meal.....

The Appetizer:
Main Dish & Beverage:
And Dessert:
JUST KIDDING, the nuggets were my hubby's =D (although I may have snatched a couple....teehee)

So from now on, let it be known that I will be trying to eat mostly unprocessed, home cookin' made from scratch by yours truly. NO MORE EATING OUT! I want to use more organic ingredients and LOTS more veggies! I am trying to be frugal at the same time though, so that may limit my creativity. I will use my crock-pot and I hope to use my new 5 qt. pan and make a lot of one dish/stir-fry type meals. I will try to post the recipes. If anyone has any good recipes, please send them my way! Oh, AND I got a bread machine from my WONDERFUL sister for Christmas, so I will be making our bread too!

I really hope I can keep the family on track with this. My husband has programmed me to think it is ok to eat out a lot over the last 9 years, so please pray that I can get us out of that rut! We really need to save some money and eat healthier. That's all for now, have a good night!

1 comment:

Chellie said...

I could tuck into that selection right now ;) You are making me hungry better go and get some lunch ...

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