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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yay! We actually did it, my hubby and I went out WITHOUT the child! And he was perfectly fine. He was asleep when his grandma and grandpa got to our house, so I was afraid he would wake up, discover that mom and dad had been replaced, and bawl until we returned, never to nap again for fear that mommy would disappear again! But no no, such was not the case. Our little wee man woke up pretty much as soon as we were out the door, fussed a little (which he usually does right when he wakes up anyways) and Grandpa got him and they started playing just like that! Grandpa and Grandma said he was such a good little guy! They had so much fun playing, chasing toys around and playing "air hockey" on the coffee table (which is an old toy chest MY grandpa made long ago), reading books and listening to music. I am SO glad he did so well! As for Jim and I, we went to eat at the Longhorn and it was packed, we even got there relatively early, but the wait wasn't too bad. Then we proceeded to order way too much food (we had a gift card so we HAD to spend it all - JIM. I thought we should try to save some for another outing!). Jim got the most expensive steak, of which he brought half home - and if you know my hubby, you know that that is very out of character for him to have LEFTOVERS! I got grilled shrimp and it was g-o-o-d! We also had a chicken appetizer with 3 different sauces, very tasty! And of course, lots of fresh bread! Then we went to Wal-mart as used to be the custom after all of our dates over the 7 years we dated (don't ask where that came from, it just kinda happened and it stuck, we joked about getting married in a Wal-mart once....yeeeaaahhh :-P I admit it). And then we came home. It was a very relaxing evening out. I hope we can do it again soon, definitely for our anniversary! And now Jim is off again, doing some odd jobs. Hopefully he will be home soon! Now, I am off to finish my Carey Grant movie, TTFN!


ILuvMyLife said...

oh yay! That sounds like fun!:)

frugalmegan said...

HURRAY!! good for you- i haven't left Caspian with anyone but the ladies in the church nursery yet! well, and daddy. but i will ;)

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