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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Here we go...it's time for Thankful Thursday. Every Thursday I am going to have a post where I share something I am.... Thankful for! It might be one thing, or a few things, whatever strikes me at the moment.

I am Thankful for my husband safely getting to and from the places he has had to go the last couple days with all the snow and ice.

I am Thankful for such a sweet little baby boy. He has not been wanting to lay down to go to sleep for the last week and a half or so. A couple days ago I forgot to bring his little blanket up from the dryer when we went to bed (I usually wait to cover him up until he has fallen asleep so he doesn't roll around and and get ON TOP of the covers) so I found another one I had put away. I am a stickler for only using 100% cotton bedding (will be explained in a post next week) so this blanket is 100% cotton flannel, nice and soft, but it does have the silky binding (not cotton! oh no!) but I figure his diapers are polyester (we use cloth) so a little binding isn't going to hurt anything. =)
Anyway, back to my point! I covered him up and went to bed. The next night when I was putting him to bed, I used the same blanket. I loved the silky binding when I was little so I showed it to him. He has another little blankie that has binding and has never really paid attention to it, so I didn't think he would care about this one either. WRONG! Instead of him standing there and not wanting to lay down, he got his thumb in his mouth and grabbed that blanket and laid right down on top of it to go to sleep! So I gently pulled the blanket out from under him and rearranged it so he was covered up but still had his corner of binding in his hand. He just laid there sucking his thumb. It was so sweet! Its been like that ever since. I am so glad he likes his binding, just like his mommy did! I only wished I would have tried it sooner..... =D

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frugalmegan said...

im thankful for my crockpot!! im making applesauce

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