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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!

Greetings! I have never had a blog before, so hopefully I will stick to it. I am a married Christian mom to my almost 1 year old son. He is such a joy! We are so blessed to live in the country with our dogs and 2 horses. When my son arrived, I did a lot of research on cloth diapers, SIDs, homemade baby food (which led me to baby led weaning), baby wearing, natural toys and teethers, stainless steel sippy cups, and a TON of other stuff. So I hope to share some of the info I have found. I am quite frugal, so I hope to pass on some tips and tricks I have learned. AND as mentioned before I juggle caring for a baby, 2 horses and 2 dogs so I hope you enjoy following me on my journey through motherhood and country life. Thanks for joining me!

1 comment:

Sarah J. said...

Hey! More info on stainless steel sippy cups please!! :o)

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