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Friday, January 23, 2009

Its a miracle!

Ok, so you all know that my husband wasn't around yesterday for my birthday and my dad and Kathy came and brought me Subway....ok, so guess what?? Jim (my hubby) is taking me out tomorrow, and here is the amazing part - WITHOUT THE BABY! My dad and Kathy said they would come over and watch him while we went out ALONE! We have NEVER gone out alone since little Jimmy was born. It is going to be so strange, but I am really looking forward to it. I don't even know where we will go but I don't even care! =) Ok, so I make it sound like I am all desperate to get away, but really I am not, I have never left my little man (ok, wait, I did leave him with Dad and Kathy for like an hour when I went to look at our horse Pegasus before we bought him, but Jimmy cried the whole time!!) so I am a teensy bit worried. I am sure it will be fine, and this time it will be here at home so he will be in familiar surroundings. Yeah, I know, first time mom, blah, blah blah....I DON'T CARE!! =D But I am looking forward to going out. Mmmm...food and adult conversation! So say a little prayer for me (and Dad and Kathy!) and I will report back with all the juicy details of where we went and what I had to eat...etc. Cuz I am sure you will be racing back here to find out! ;-) Guten Nacht!!

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D said...

Oh goodie! Enjoy your time out!! For KT and I, the first time was really really strange. If it's that way for you, don't worry, you'll get past it (especially if you throw back a couple drinks!). I hope you guys have

wunderbar zeit!

or would that be zeit wunderbar?


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