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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WFMW - Babesafe Mattress Cover

This week I want to share a product called the Babesafe Mattress Cover. It is a polythene cover made to slip over a crib mattress (comes in different sizes) to block harmful gases that can release out of the mattress from getting to your child, possibly causing crib death, or SIDs. Please read more about the toxic gas theory in my previous posts here and here. A great blog is Prevent SIDs. Evie says it much better than I do! And she has put together some info concerning misconceptions about the theory.

I have been using the cover for almost a year now, and it has been wonderful for my nerves! I have been a very worried new mommy and before I learned about the whole toxic gas theory, I worried even more because there were no real reasons for SIDs. Finding the Babesafe Mattress Cover Worked For Me to give me the peace of mind I needed.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these covers after you do your own research and decide it might also Work For You, please consider Eve's Best as your online source. I have purchased 4 or 5 covers (a couple for myself and my sister and sister-in-law) through Evie and she has been wonderful.

PS - Along with wrapping the mattress, you should also use 100% cotton bedding and no waterproof, padded anything. I use a flannel blanket I made or 100% cotton bath towels to go under the 100% cotton sheet. We also only use 100% cotton pj's, to avoid overheating and really, who wants their baby sleeping in flameretardant, chemical laden pajamas? Changing over to all cotton is really very easy to get used to! We do however use cloth diapers made out of polyester, but with the cover blocking the mattress gases, it should be fine. No flame retardants in the diapers!

Thanks to Rocks In My Dryer for hosting Works-For-Me Wednesday!

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frugalmegan said...

yes, the nail biter saving mattress cover....best, most thorough reasoning for SIDs yet, and the simplest thing to do. And thats coming from an RN

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